Kings Club, Guernsey

Kings Club Guernsey is one of the most innovative and exciting studio spaces in the UK. It consists of around 100m of our X-Ribbon Digital 60, X-Ribbon RGB LED tape and the world famous MADRIX control software.

The project was supplied by Hutchison-T and designed in house by our LED design team. We specified our analogue X-Ribbon RGB LED tape which illuminates the roof lining and over 60m of short horizontal X-Ribbon Digital 60 strips were mounted on the ceiling to create a lighting feature. The X-Trusion brand LED extrusion was used to create the unique ceiling feature by hanging the XT2020 from the ceiling. Four Madrix Nebula's also have been used to control and run the Digital 60 strips by mounting them locally in the ceiling feature its self.

MADRIX is key in this project to creating the intelligent ability to make users feel surrounded by movement and motivation. Accessed via a simple iPad, it is a highly intuitive way for instructors to customise their own classes using a profusion of high-impact lighting techniques. Alternatively, the design of the MADRIX system enables lighting sequences to be pre-programmed or even updated remotely by specialists at Hutchison-T.

Other products supplied on this project:
- XT2114 LED Extrusion
- MADRIX Nebula
- X-Dimmer 3 Pro
- PCV Range Power Supplies