LEDBLADE Controller

4 output master controller capable of controlling 1000 pixel per output

4 LEDBLADE Outputs
LAN - Connect to your computer of WIFI Router
MMX out – For expanding the Master Card’s outputs
You can connect the input of the Distributor (MMX in) 255 Distributors can be connected to one Controller.
One controller can handle 8000 pixels maximum! To control more than 8000 pixels, you will need an additional Controller and Ethernet switch.

For 1 to 8000 pixels: at least one Controller + one Distributors
For 8001 to 16,000 pixels: at least two Controllers + two Distributors
For 16,001 to 24,000 pixels: at least three Controllers + three Distributors

In (Pin1, Pin2, Pin3)- you can control the software, with lighting desk (scene, bank, brightness, speed, R-G-B, etc)
Out (Pin1, Pin4, Pin5) - you can control analog LED strips. (Outboard DMX LED controller is needed) built in DIP Switch: The IP of the Controller can be set: 192.168.1.xxx. This can be found inside the unit.

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Product Spec

  • Dimensions: Lenght: 200 mm - Width: 170 mm - Height: 57 mm
  • Weight: 1200 g
  • Number of outputs: 4
  • Max. pixel/output: 1000
  • Control connectors: DMX (in-out 5-pin XLR), LAN, SD card
  • Analog stripes: Yes - DMX out, USB-DMX out

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