LEDBLADE Power Supply

All-in-one power supply to power upto 16.5m of the LEDBlade system

In order to minimise the voltage drop in case of a Full White picture, place the PSU’s as close to the LEDBLADE as possible. Connect to the power grid with the supplied cable. The system structure lets you to put the PSU where you need to.

Between two LEDBLADE:
When using 14 pcs of 1 meter long LEDBLADE and you want to place the PSU between the 8th and 9th LEDBLADE In this case plug the LEDBLADE to any output of the Controller/Distributor. Here the distance can be around 100 meters, if using high quality cables. Plug the 8th LEDBLADE output to the PSU’s Controller and the input of the 9th LEDBLADE to the LED strip connector of the PSU.

At the end of the line:
The PSU can be placed at the end of the LEDBLADE. In this case plug the last LEDBLADE output to the Controller of the PSU. You can leave the LED strip unplugged. (Of course the LEDBLADE input is connected to one of the Controller/Distributor’s output)

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Product Spec

  • Dimensions: Lenght: 125 mm - Width: 305 mm - Height: 62 mm
  • Weight: 2000 g
  • AC input voltage: 208v - 240v
  • DC output voltage: 24v
  • Daisy-chained: 16.5 m (60 pixel/m)
  • Max. pixel/PS: 1000

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