Constant Voltage LED Power Supply

This LED power input voltage of 120-240VAC, the output constant voltage 12V or 24V, for load parallel voltage LED. This LED power supply shape slim and thin. LED power supply has open circuit, short circuit, overload or over temperature protection function, troubleshooting, the power will automatically restart.

- The standard requirements to meet IEV60335-2-89;
- Power section is divided into 30W,75W the output voltage of 12V and 24V;
- Surge level, according to L, N: 2000V, L, N-PE: 4000V
- Metal case for indoor or outdoor installation
- Suitable for class I luminaire
- Suitable for dry/damp/wet locations
- Class 2 power unit
- Life to meet the 5-year warranty requirements, failure rate to meet 0.1% / 1000h

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