LEDBLADE is a new generation in professional LED Strip systems for creative shows and event designers.

Outstanding parameters, unique qualities:
Not DMX controlled it utilises its own custom protocols. Developed for quick and easy physical installation, can be reassembled easily on daily basis. Tour version, road ready, takes up little space, light so it can be transported simply. Fast, simple content installation, may even be as little as a few minutes. Very stable, reliable system, so it is extremely economical.

High quality to meet any standards:
Hungarian (EU) product. Reliable Hungarian service backup, training and development. Manufactured by hand, using quality materials, unique design, creative content opportunities, testing, demonstration and viewing during exhibitions.

Multipurpose, limited only by the imagination:
By creating stunning backdrops. Increase the space, edge-enhancement. Can be integrated into a whole stage setting. For TV shows draw in the audience. Can be used indoor or outdoor.

Excellent price/value ratio (quick return on investment):
Extra durable, functional, economical, quality product. Developed taking into account the AV rental experiences, for especially the AV rental corporate segment. The LEDBLADE brings even higher visual representations than traditional LED strips, providing a competitive edge.

Find out more about LEDBLADE:
In case you have had experience with traditional strips that made you weary of such systems, please do let us demonstrate to you first-hand the outstanding properties and many advantages of the LEDBLADE system.