Ctrl for iPad

The power is truly in your hands. Create, edit and send commands to control multiple devices.

Everything at the tip of your fingers - With Ctrl for iPad there's no need to leave the app or use external editor software. Create workspaces quickly, make changes in realtime and be ready to run your workspace, all with a tap of a few buttons.

Mix and match protocols - Build advanced interfaces with the flexible rules and command system. Trigger outputs and control devices using MIDI, OSC, HTTP, TCP, UDP and sACN or mix them to manage multiple device types.

Playback commands, audio and video - With Linear Interfaces you can now operate control outputs in a cue stack like method with features such as pre and post delay, looping and auto play. Incorporate Audio and Video with existing protocols and trigger from other interfaces to create an immersive experience.

Build complex interfaces with a range of controls effortlessly - With buttons, sliders, steppers, crossfaders and much more you can design interfaces perfectly suited to your application. What's more, you can use the OSC or HTTP API to remotely change the label, update the state and disable controls on the fly.

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