Sword® 100×4 Tube Series

The Sword® 100x4 Series consist of four models such as 30-50-100-150cm long LED tubes, loaded with RGB LEDs at a 100 mm pixel pitch.

The 30cm Sword consists of 3 pixels with 9 DMX channels, the 50cm has 5 pixels with 15 DMX channels, the 100cm has 10 pixels with 30 DMX channels and the 150cm is made with 15 pixel with 45 DMX channels.
The pixel pitch of each tube is 100mm and each pixel consists of 4 LEDs. The Sword Series has options such as direct view or an opaque cover with special poly-carbonate alloy.

With an IP rating of 67, the protection is high and reliable. It offers customisable solutions and pixel mapping with DMX 512 protocol. The Sword can be addressed in batches with RDM and has been designed to be used in building and stage illumination. It also has high vibration resistance and is easily removed.

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Product Spec

  • Light Source: 12/20/40/60 pcs Nichia NSSM032A
  • Lifetime: 50,000 Hours
  • Voltage: 48VDC
  • Current Consumption: 85/125/230/335 mA
  • Power Consumption: 4/6/12/18 Watt
  • Maximum in Chain: 32/32/17/11 pcs
  • Pixel Pitch: 100mm
  • Control and Programming: DMX512
  • DMX Channel: 9/15/30/45 Ch.
  • DMX Address Settings: RDM (Group of Remote Addressable Systems)
  • Housing: Aluminium Extrusion Body
  • Weight: 0,325kg / 0,530kg / 1kg / 1,5kg

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